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Now you see…  This is the Thing

Growing up, Marie was always surrounded by music. She learned to play piano in her youth, and was taught basic guitar at age 15. Music was an important part of her life but the real breakthrough came when Marie began writing her own music and songs.

Whilst she enjoyed playing and singing, she soon discovered that her true passion and talent lay in song writing. Her natural ability to tell stories through lyrics meant she had found a way to express herself and be heard at the same time.

With encouragement from a close friend, Marie poured her energy into song writing and then ventured out into the music world, just her, a guitar and her songs, playing them at every venue that would listen.

Marie’s songs often draw on very personal experiences, which enable her to connect with the songs deeply when she is performing, giving her music an authenticity that cannot be manufactured.

Audiences are moved by Marie’s music because they can relate to it so easily.

Using her incredible talent for writing, she lyrically leaves her songs open to the listeners interpretation which makes them accessible and meaningful to everyone.

Bringing things up-to-date Marie has released her debut album ‘This Is The Thing’; a ten-track offering of supreme goodness and has recently just finished a very successful ‘This Is The Micro Tour’ tour.

Behind the Scenes

This is where the magic happens

John Taylor at Mirage Studios has been a great help to me right from the outset… without him I wouldn’t be doing what I do now… his studio is where my next album is being recorded in May/June 2020 …
Thanks John


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