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Marie is a unique artist with her amazing vocals and superb songwriting. Marie has played at a couple of our events now and is always a big hit with the audience. Definitely comes highly recommended.

Steph Addison

Founder, Raindrops to Rainbows

Excellent singer/songwriter

Andrew Davies aka AndyX

Musician, Facebook

Marie writes her songs from her heart, songs to inspire, all sung with a beautiful depth of feeling.

Barbara Helen

Musician/Band, Facebook

Marie is special…. that she writes the lyrics in the first place is amazing, that she has only been doing this for 3 years or so…but she then goes on to create the musical accompaniment….yet further and she performs them both solo and as a band.

She is REALLY something…. the words touch you and all of us can relate to something she has written/played… if Eyes of a Child doesn’t bring tears to your eyes or a lump to your throat; evoking memories from either your own childhood or those of your children or grandchildren…. stunning!
…or When Darkness Falls …a haunting song that can be very introspective (also dubbed her Bond theme…. you’ll get that if you listen to it � ) … I could go on… one of my personal favourites is You’ll Find Me There �
If you haven’t seen or heard Marie play you really are missing out….

Pete Bumstead


Fantastic voice hope you do well.

Have spent the last 30 years playing bass in bands and putting all the ideas forward to writing the songs. Haven’t made a penny but enjoyed the experience. Good luck it’s a hard industry to break. X

Bruce Wagener

Bass Player, Facebook

It’s been great to see Marie develop in every way with her music and performance since I first came across her on recommendation from my wife. Booked her for a gig as she was still taking those first few steps and she’s just gone from strength to strength with her playing, songwriting and singing. A warm, caring soul who bares it in her songs

Andrew Johnson

Performer, Facebook

Fantastic voice and a truly lovely lady.

Kim Wise


Great voice and songs.

Robert Ian Enderwick


Dunno why I didn’t see this before. From playing alongside you in the rain down an alley in Stockton to a ‘weird’ Indian ‘mix’ of one of your songs I remain a ‘fan’ and will often pop you on my headphones of an evening. Would always love to play for you again….. �J

James Sav Hopper

Performer, Facebook

This lady is a songwriting machine (Juke �)….quality as well as quantity. I can honestly say I’ve never heard even an average song from her…they’re all great and everyone I play her songs to agree’s. This girl is going places… �

Kane Rodgers


Marie is a phenomenal songwriter, she has the ability to reach into your very soul with her music and lyrics. As an artist she is incredibly generous with her time and with her knowledge and I am so excited to watch her career growing!!

Elsie Brown

Singer/Songwriter, Facebook

Brilliant singer/songwriter, had the pleasure of hosting and attending numerous events which Marie performed in. Keep up the great work ��

Amy Hanson

Director/Owner, Edge Venue

Had a really good night down at Redcar Town. What a great voice.

Michelle Coleman


Marie delivers well written songs with the fragility that can give you goosebumps…

Jeff Whiley

Performer, Facebook

Great voice and a superb songwriter.

John Finlayson

Photographer, Facebook

Great singer song writer! Can’t wait to come across her in a local venue so I can pop in and listen! ��

Mollie Jane Mckeown

Recording Artist, Facebook

Probably my fav track , if I had to pick one as I luv them all , is one two . Often play it loud in the house whilst doing the cleaning , always makes me feel good . Love this lady’s music !! Give it a listen

Kriss Jacobs


Incredible vocal, smooth, delicate, yet with a measured power.

Michael Thompson

Keyboard Player, Facebook

There is only one word to describe Marie Marx – Beautiful!

Beautiful singer & beautiful person! ❤️❤️❤️

Sean Quilty


Absolutely fantastic voice… if you’re looking to book Marie I strongly recommend doing so.

Sam Marshall

Musician, Facebook

Marie is a beautiful person inside and out. I have met Marie many times and listened to her songs there is one song that always stays with me “Through the Eyes of a Child” it is such a beautiful story.

Kathryn Chape


5 Gold Stars

Jamie Davies

Drummer, Facebook


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